Puberty: The Wonder Years

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May 31, 2018

Dear Parents:

Your child is about to begin, or may have already begun, a period of rapid growth called puberty. Many children wonder if they are normal as they notice themselves and their friends going through physical and emotional changes that prepare them for adulthood.

By teaching children about the wonderful ways they are maturing, adults can promote a positive attitude toward sexuality that helps children grow into healthy, responsible adults. Children who have talked to their parents and other trusted adults are more likely to understand the changes they are going through and are able to avoid risky behavior. Too many young people get involved in premature sexual activity that can result in serious problems, such as heartbreak, sexually transmitted disease, HIV infection, or pregnancy.

As your partners in education, your Board of Education has approved a series of lessons called Puberty: The Wonder Years, as part of our health curriculum. These lessons were selected after careful scrutiny by parents, teachers, students, clergy, and medical personnel from our community. These lessons will be taught beginning the week of May 31, 2018-June 8,2018.

Your child will be encouraged to talk to you about growing up and to ask you questions. Interviews with a parent or another trusted adult will be assigned as homework in order to promote open communication. You will receive a Family Partnership Flier that contains helpful information and resources.

The main focus of these lessons is two-fold:

  • Promote appreciation and respect for the amazing changes experienced by self and others.
  • Equip children with the skills they need to postpone sexual intercourse.

You may make an appointment to review the materials or observe the class being taught if you wish. You may have your child excused from any of the puberty lessons without penalty if you decide that is best. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss this information further. I may be reached by phone at (269) 337-0660 or e-mail at olivetokm@kalamazoopublicschools.net.


Ms. Oliveto


Thursday, May 17

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No homework tonight. NWEA testing

Wednesday, May 16

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Math ~ Compose and decompose rectangular prisms using layers ~ Module 5 Lesson 3https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oO-3w-aj2H0

Reading ~ spelling/skills
read 30 minutes and record

Module 5 lesson 3 homework.pdf

Monday, May 14

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Math ~ Finding volume by counting cubes ~ Module 5 lesson 1

Reading ~ Spelling/vocab sheet
read 30 minutes and record

Module 5 lesson 1 homework.pdf

Tuesday, May 15

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Math ~ finding volume by filling a rectangular prism ~ Module 5 Lesson 2

Reading ~ spelling/vocab sheet
read 30 minutes and record

module 5 lesson 2 homework.pdf

Wednesday, May 9

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Math ~ Module 4 lesson 29 ~ connecting decimals to fractions



Reading ~ spelling/vocab sheet
Read 30 minutes and record on log

module 4 Lesson 29.pdf

Thursday, May 3

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Math- divide a fraction by a whole number. Module 4 Lesson 26https://youtu.be/-Ew04XebOlk

Reading – complete any missing/unfinished work from this week
Read for 30 minutes and record.

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